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What’s Her Name?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

On meeting another dog-walker,

a little embarrassed, we’d say:

“Vera, but we didn’t choose it for her.”

And it is the name of a sturdy lass

from a workingmen’s club,

in a shipyard town.

Or of the shameless gossip

in a Les Dawson skit,

or from Beryl Cook’s brush.

And our Vera certainly is robust,

barging through knotted undergrowth

ignoring thorn, trench, gulley or risk.

Or, sometimes they’d say:

“Oh, like Vera Wang?”

(I admit I had to Google her).

So, from time to time we’d wonder

shall we change her name to Ava?

You did have a thing for Ava.

And, of course it would suit her better.

Ava is a black-eyed curvy broad,

with a steady gaze and filthy intent.

And isn’t Vera our Barefoot Contessa?

When the feathers are strewn and the running's done

she slinks away - a conquering siren.

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