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Three Years Gone

Three years gone.

For so long I was affronted and outraged that the world kept rolling on - you know how that is. Now I'm beyond grateful. Grief hands you a hundred lessons you don't want to learn.

Gratitude is the one worth accepting. It hands you back your life.

Here's Terry singing one of his finest: Dublin Blues (No.3).

I wish he'd put this one on an album.

He meant to but it kept getting bumped off for others.

Pic (T. DiMenno?)

"It's a Sandymount morning

Here's the sky coming through

With layers of buttermilk

On that old Dublin blue

With layers of tarmac

And layers of red in the rust

And its breakfast on Moore Street

Layers of bacon on the crust

Well I've been ducking and diving

Tightropes and tight lovers knots

And the secrets of sheets in the hotel

That room service forgot....."

Picture: Pete Rowe (I think)

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