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Looking For Angels

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I know it should bring some comfort to the grieving that perhaps life really does flash before you when you die, but it makes me a little anxious.

If you live a long time you have a lot of memories to choose from.

If it works in the same way as it does with your dreams then you might hope to dream about the people you love but instead there's that kid (Debbie Glasgow) who bullied you at school, and there's that smartly-dressed street sweeper in the RAF cap you used to be fascinated by as a kid. He worked around the market place in town. Terry knew his name, I don't remember it now. Does the mind know what material should make the final cut and what belongs in the B Movie?

What if, in those final moments of life, we don't get a sweet showreel - Cinema Paradiso style - of the holidays, the great songs, the soft looks, the pool parties and the good dogs?

I laughed so hard and so frequently these past two weeks that it reminded me of being a kid. It was the kind of deep, careless, physical laugh that can focus only upon itself. I would like that on my showreel.

And the dogs.

'Laughter, I have pronounced holy. We'd all like to be consumed by something." - Ronny Elliott

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