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Happy Christmas

I have never known what to do at Christmas, in the same way that I have never known what to do at the weekends.

Most of the fripperies of Christmas make me feel awkward or, like the frothy white dresses and satin shoes of brides, and teeny bags of sugared almonds at weddings, baffle me a bit.

I'm sure many people who have lived solo keep it low key or no key at all. I hope nobody feels awkward about not prettifying the house or "getting into the Christmas spirit" in the way folks expect.

I'm enjoying the fact that, since we have just moved house and much of our floor space is taken up with full packing cartons, we can't do much decorating.

However, I can't remember a happier Christmas. And I have had several happy ones.

We have a small tree up. We added a dash of Baileys to our coffee this afternoon. I plan to ask Ronny to sing me Silent Night later. We're as lucky as can be.

Happy Christmas everyone.

May your dogs live forever.

Here's one of my favourite Rodney Crowell Christmas songs. Isn't he something?

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