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Watching a Man Light a Smoke

Updated: May 22, 2021

Many people have used the word intense to describe me.

They don’t mean it as a compliment. They're right.

People have always backed away from me at parties. The poor sods are expecting some light chat about the buffet, and instead, they get a tsunami of philosophising, emotion and gratuitous truthing. Terry would lean into it. He liked it. He knew it was the reason I can write, and he was all about getting to the truth of things. He knew what to do with a smoke and a mirror but not in tandem. He was so guileless and open it’s a wonder he got through life at all, to be honest.

Speaking of smoke - I've just seen some footage of him in someone's garden in the summer, sparking up one of those Golden Virginia roll-ups he was once so fond of. What is it about watching a man light a smoke? I'm ruined now.

Photos: P Rowe, K Clarke

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