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Rock & Roll Peacock

I've had another try at going through Terry's beautiful clothes.

Since he owned so very many (he was a bit of a peacock, wasn't he?) I figure I could just let go of the ones I've never actually seen him wear.

It was a good plan. However, I now have a pile of clothes that, yes, I have never seen TC wear. but I could easily IMAGINE him wearing. I know precisely why he bought that tailored, 50's style, chalk-stripe jacket. It reminded him of the one Eddie Cochran wore on the cover of Singin' To My Baby.That bolo tie with the two rock & roll dancers on it? Joe Ely wore the same one on the cover of Musta Notta Gotta Lotta. The bubblegum pink, slub-weave, Gabicci shirt with the collar that turns up so naturally? I KNOW he was thinking of Elvis in Jailhouse Rock when he bought it.

It's all gone back in the wardrobe.

Photo: Mike Roberts

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