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Night Ride to Birmingham

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Just received a letter from someone Terry had good times with 50 years ago. They drove to Birmingham together in '68, in Dave's dad's Ford Zephyr to see Johnny Cash, with June Carter, Carl Perkins and The Statler Brothers.

That gig changed at least one life - probably a few more. As you can see, the pair of them started a duo together, singing Ring of Fire, Break My Mind, Bye Bye Love....

In what might have been Terry's first paid gig, they got a cabaret spot at The Top Rank, in Reading, playing The Heelas annual dinner dance.

There, Terry and David enjoyed twin thrills of performing on a revolving stage and getting paid £1 a minute each.

I knew much of this tale from Terry, because he never let a story slip through his fingers, no matter how long ago it happened. But it means a lot when someone else takes time to write it down and send it to you because it is valuable to them, too.

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