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Moon Songs

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Terry wrote more moon songs than anyone I know.

He loved other people's moon songs too, particularly that heartbreaker from Jimmy Webb. But Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini hung that moon as far as he was concerned. Here he is singing Moon River in New Jersey and thinking about a girl out on the fire escape who was running away from everything.

"Over by the gantries under a cast iron moon

me and Delia dancing to a red accordion's tune

Micky said he loved her I said: 'You love the ponies more'

It was in the morning when they found him

"Under a wedding-dress moon

Where a soft breeze croons

The song of the homeless heart."

"He had a ray from Buddy's moon

I saw it his pocket in the dressing room."

"The wind is weeping, the cornfield cries the blues

The moon is keeping a close watch, one step removed

The wind is weeping and baby I am too"

"I got my suit cut by a tailor

a hummingbird pulled the thread

My shirt’s made from a silk sheet

from my baby’s bed

We used to sing ‘Havana Moon’

a town I once knew well..... Bad man Stagger Lee"

"I saw Johnny Kidd and his Pirate band

There was a Fender cutlass in his hand

There was a mirror ball up in the crow's nest

They sang Shakin' All Over and I was truly blessed

The Pirates' moon shone like a gold dubloon....."

"Living on the Shelley River,

when the salmon came upstream

and those joker poachers blacked their faces

when the moon shone like fresh cream...."

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