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Heartache Spoken Here

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I realise we are a grain of sand on a speck of dust but I’m beginning to think that The

Universe actually does care about us.

Why else would it spend so much time prodding us in the chest with its loud reminders to LIVE NOW?

Why else does every wilting fruit and flower, every fast-fading beauty, every tarnishing memory, and every slow-poisoned planet scream this message at us as we go whizzing by, busy being important?

I plan to relinquish nothing that makes me smile, even for a


If we're lucky the future is coming but I know it won't look anything like we had planned.

Here's Warren Zevon and Dwight Yoakam being magnificent. If you listen to country music then you don't need to read my rubbish. You already know the important stuff. What about Dwight's harmony on this? It's an oxyacetylene torch, isn't it? I couldn't love those boys more than I do.

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