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Despite Everything

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

When I’m lying on the floor, rubbing her belly, Vera never wonders:

"What exactly is she after?"

When I put chicken in the slow cooker for her every day she doesn’t ask herself:

“But what does she expect in return?"

There is no suspicion, no bartering, no keeping score, no feeling beholden to someone.

She doesn't worry: "What does this woman want from me?"

When I drive a little further to take her to a quieter beach with more seagulls to chase she just drops a wonky grin at my feet as she comes skidding back in a wave of wet sand. The magic of dogs-and-humans-and-humans-and-dogs isn't that they give us unconditional love, with their soft looks and consoling ways, it is that they know how to take it - despite everything.

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