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Alan O'Leary Called

A friend of Terry's, a DJ on the Irish traditional scene, just called me.

"I've got some recordings of some radio interviews I did with TC. I'll put them in the post. The first one isn't very good. It was probably one of the first radio interviews he did and he was so very shy. I had to coax him closer to the mic. Here was this incredible writer. I was such a fan. And I couldn't get over how shy he was."

Having recordings of Terry's speaking voice is the biggest gift. We grew up on the same estate in Reading. His accent, which he wouldn't dream of polishing up for the radio, and his complete lack of airs & graces, takes me back to childhood in Reading faster than the smell of creosote on a fence. (We wrote a song about creosote once. I think Space Dust and Tom Thumb Drops got a mention too.)

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